Democracy And Other Fairytales

Performing Theory

Het Smoezenboekje (The Little Book of Excuses), is a publication by Atana, Instituut Publiek en Politiek, Kunsten '92, Kunst en Zaken, Ministerie van OCW en Netwerk CS

Democracy And Other Fairytales is a critical reflection and institutional critique of the art world. It comprises of deconstruction of publications, brochures and other printed matter, published originally by the art funds, museums, artist's initiatives and various institutions and networks.
Selected publications address political and social themes such as socio-political engagement of the artists, institutional (mission) statements and (annual) reports of the art institutions, debates about Western and Eastern Europe, gender politics, cultural or national identity, and art funding. By manipulating and deconstructing the form and content of the publications - for example by inserting collages and drawings, changing the existing text and imagery, and subtracting or adding substitute content - Macic performs subversive artistic intervention in printed matter as a public space.