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Curatorial practices in The Other Europe - Critical analysis of curatorial practice in Serbia 1945- 2010
Tatjana Macic, Master thesis, Theory and History of Contemporary Art, the University of Amsterdam, 2011

This pionering research is about how the shift of paradigms and social turbulence influences curatorial strategies and trajectories -while taking into account Bourdieu's concept of the agent in the field of cultural production, habitus and 'taste' and concept op rhizome by Deleuze and Guattari. This research is significant because it sheds a unique light on the curatorial practices as social phenomenon and agency. Study case of this analysis is previously uncharted curatorial theritory of Serbia from 1945 to 2010. These practesec are placed in broader historic and political context using the oral history captured in the interviews with selected seminal curators, theoreticians, artists and anthropologists.

Sociopolitical turn in the early works of Marina Abramovic
Paper focuses on the connotations and the reception of Abramovic's work from the Seventies to the beginning of the Balkan War, highlighting and unearthing socio-politically engaged themes in Abramovic's early artistic discourse.
Tatjana Macic, Bachelor thesis (in Dutch), the University of Amsterdam, 2009.

Positioning the Art Gallery, Tatjana Macic, in: Tubelight, in Januari / Februari 2013.
Critical review (in Dutch) of the publication Positioning the Art Gallery, Het Amsterdamse galeriewezen in een internationale context - The Amsterdam Gallery World in an International Context (ENG/NL), Noor Mertens, Astrid Vorstermans (ed.), Jan van Adrichem, Dominic van den Boogerd, Xander Karskens, Noor Mertens, Tineke Reijnders, Olav Velthuis. Valiz, Amsterdam, 2012, ISBN: 978-90-78088-39-4

Forms of ownership in former Yugoslavia, lecture and presentation, given at de Meent, Amsterdam, 2012

Innovating The Art Academy - research and critical essay (in Serbian, Dutch and English) about the differences in didactical approach between the Dutch and Serbian higher art education, 2013-now

Umetnicke avantgarde i veliki preokret - Psihoanaliticki model Hala Fostera, (in Serbian), Artistic avant-gardes and the great shift - the psychoanalytical model of Hal Foster, in: Odgovor, art journal, Serbia, 2011.

Dusan Rodic, Introductory text in artist' graduation catalogue Gerrit Rietveld Academy, by Tatjana Macic, 2010.

Performance interrupted: death and the other fabulous nonsense, Tatjana Macic, in: HTV DE IJSBERG, 2009

Abject performing body, virtual palm trees and mental pictures, by Tatjana Macic, HTV de IJsberg, Nr. 81, 2009.

PSWAR's Intuitive practice and theoretical framework, HTV de IJsberg, Nr. 79, 2009.

Ivan Grubanov: Artist as an agent of change, by Tatjana Macic, MARCH/ APRIL, 2009

'Ivan Grubanov: Artist as an agent of change' is a part of Tatjana Macic's on-going series of essays and critical thoughts under the collective title: ARTIST AS A SUPERHERO.

Curatorial Contradiction - interview with Dieter Roelstraete, by Tatjana Macic, HTV de IJsberg, JANUARY / FEBRUARY, 2009.

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