Tatjana Macić is a visual artist, writer and researcher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

She is deploying her artistic practice as an agency to blur the boundaries and explore the intersection between visual art, theory, exhibition-making, education and language. Her research resembles an alchemical laboratory, merging the miraculous and the theoretical. She works in a variety of media such as lecture-performances, installations, artistic archives, interventions in public space, painting, internet art and graphic novels.

Her work poses an array of questions often revolving around rhizomatic points of departure regarding current and historical discourses. Amongst others, work has been shown at the Tate Modern, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Venice Biennale Collateral Events, The Wrong Biennale, KunstVlaai, and de Appel in Amsterdam.
In her writing practice, she explores the innovation of language, the voice, science fiction and the power of the image in the context of language. She relates thereby poetry and prose to the visual language or to the spatial installations.

She is a tutor and lecturer of artistic research at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where she also teaches Exhibition Research Lab and heads Research & Discourse. She was a researcher at PlatformBK, an adviser for Amsterdam Art Fund and member of CAWA committee for artist studios and art spaces in Amsterdam.
Recently Macić founded Urgent Matters / Srettam Tnegru - an initiative for art and research which questions conditions for artistic practice and critical thinking.

Macić received a BA from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, and an MA, with honours, in Theory and History of Contemporary Art from the University of Amsterdam.
In 2020, she was a recipient of a support grant from the Royal Academy of Art, to research possibilities of starting a PhD trajectory.


The spatial, the social and the sensorium, University of Applied Arts Vienna, 2016
MFA Master Theory and History of Contemporary Art, cum laude, University of Amsterdam, 2009 / 11
Theory and History of Art, pre-master University of Amsterdam, 2007 / 09
Management and cultural diversity, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2008
Cultural Governance and management for board members, Binoq Atana, 2004 / 08
BFA Academy of Fine Arts and Design AKI, ArtEZ, 1992 / 94

Selected exhibitions and projects

2021  Dead Darlings auction, W139, Amsterdam
2021  My Psychic Energy Zeitgeist And A Melody,
2020  Orbits Of Solitude, A-Lonely Show, at Sexyland, Amsterdam, Curated by Ka-Tjun Hau and Nanine van Smoorenburg
2020  My Psychic Energy Zeitgeist And A Melody, at Undocumented events and object permanence,
2020  The Culmination of Abjection,
2019  Intergalactic Pollinators, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2019  From the archive: Interlude No.17, Tate Modern, London, UK
2018  Thinking Bodies, de Appel, Museum night, Amsterdam
2018  The Stubborn Archive, The Capital Time Machine, Bucharest, Romania
2018  Alternative Facts, Stuttgart, Germany
2017 / 18 Digital Zoo, The Wrong, São Paolo, Brazil
2017  Massage in exchange for a story, performance, Palais van Mieris, Amsterdam
2017  Performing theory, Crisis Art Festival, Italy
2017  How to unfollow the red herring, performance lecture, Crisis Art Festival, Italy
2016  The Impulse to Write Images, performance lecture, the International Conference about Artistic Research and writing, Society of the Artistic Research (SAR)
2016  Performing Crisis, performance lecture, Crisis Art Festival, Italy
2016  The Impulse to Urgent, Brainwash Festival, The Hague
2016  Digital God, Bring Your Own B, The Wrong Biennale
2015  Jubilee exhibition, Arti et Amicitiae 1945-2015
2014  OLE.01 Internazionale della Literatura Electronica, the Royal Palace, Naples, Italy
2014  Galeria Tvrdjava, Nis, Serbia
2013  New Horizons, new members exhibition, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2012  Sintici, FAD, Barselona, Spain
2012  En garde, Snapshots Balkan Film Festival, Amsterdam
2011  Museum collection on the street, Hilversum Museum
2011  Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MOCA), USA
2011  Cabinet Gallery, New York, USA
2011  Mecena Prize Circus, De Nieuwe Liefde, Amsterdam
2010  The Evolution of Spectacle, KunstVlaai, Amsterdam
2010  White on White, Master Piece auction, De Zwarte Ruyter, Rotterdam
2009  Memories, Stories and Invisible Treasures, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2019  ARMEN BENEN, 53rd Venice Biennale Collateral Events
2009  / 12 Red Line - Research dealing with language and social/ist architecture in former Yugoslavia
2007  Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art (LACDA), USA
2006  The Sound Wall project, Artist Project Space de Overslag, Eindhoven
2006  Centre for Contemporary Art, Negotin, Serbia
2005 / 06  Myths, people and music, Scryption Museum, Tilburg
2004 / 05 Cleansing, film screening, Club 11, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


2019  Art & Research & Education In A Glob/c/al Flow, Conference of the Association of Interdisciplinary Studies
2016  The Impulse To Write Images, The International Conference on Artistic Research
2013  Positioning the Art Gallery, Tubelight, January/ February
2012  Artistic avant-gardes and the great shift- the psychoanalytical model of Hal Foster, Odgovor, art journal
2011  Curatorial practices in The Other Europe - Critical analysis of curatorial practice in turbulent times, Library of the University of Amsterdam
2011  An exchange, Cabinet Gallery, New York
2010  Dusan Rodic, artist catalogue Gerrit Rietveld Academy
2010  Performance interrupted: death and the other fabulous nonsense, HTV de IJsberg
2009  Abject performing body, virtual palm trees and mental pictures, HTV de Ijsberg
2009  PSWAR's Intuitive practice and theoretical framework. HTV de IJsberg
2009  Ivan Grubanov: Artist as an agent of change. HTV de IJsberg
2009  Curatorial Contradiction- interview with Dieter Roelstraete. HTV de IJsberg
2009  Limeni pas u suturenu, poems, Odgovor, art journal
2006  Short science fiction stories, ALMA, Republic of Serbia


2019  Ar Real As You Want, Royal Academy of Art, at the Research Catalogue
2018  The Middleman, Royal Academy of Art, the Netherlands
2017  It is sort of a thing, Royal Academy of Art, the Netherlands
2016  Exhibition research exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, the Netherlands
2014  New member exhibitions, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2013  New member exhibitions, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2012  New member exhibitions, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2004-2005 Co-curator, Van Azerbeidjan tot Stadskanaal, AIDA Nederland- de Association Internationale de Défense des Artistes


2014-now  Tutor Artistic Research, Royal Academy of Art, the Netherlands
2015-now  Founder, Urgent Matters / Srettam Tnegru, an initiative for art, research and critical reflection
2016-now  Head of Research and Discourse (together with Marten Cornel), Royal Academy of Art, the Netherlands
2016-now  Exhibition Research Lab Tutor, Lectorate Art Theory and Practice, Academy of Creative and Performing Arts.
2018-now  Member of the artistic committee at artist in residence airWG in Amsterdam
2016-2020  Researcher, Atelierbeleid, Platform BK
2016  Guest lecturer, ArtEZ
2014  Chair of the Jury thesis award, Royal Academy of Art, the Netherlands
2015  Chair of the Jury thesis award, Royal Academy of Art, the Netherlands
2016  Chair of the Jury thesis award, Royal Academy of Art, the Netherlands
2016  Speaker, Conference on Artistic Research, ArtEZ University of the Arts
2015  Guest tutor, Utrecht School of Arts
2015  Guest lecturer University of Amsterdam, Master Artistic Research
2015  Guest lecturer Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam
2014  Guest lecturer, Artist as a Writer, Royal Academy of Art
2013  Organiser of the symposium: Tot elkaar veroordeeld? - Friendly Enemies in the arts- with Ann Demeester, de Appel and Castrum Peregrini
2010 / 13  Adviser Fine Arts, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
2012 / 15  Advisor, committee for artistic future, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2008 / 13  Member of CAWA, committee for artist studios and art spaces in Amsterdam
2012 / 14  Member, admission commission, Arti et Amicitiae
2012  Panel member, performance festival FLAM, Amsterdam
2012  Lecturer, Forms of ownership in former Yugoslavia', de Meent, Amsterdam
2008 / 12   Contributing editor at HTV De IJsberg

Member of AICA.