Lefotvers initiative

Leftovers initiative is a call into action for research and reflection upon the sustainability of exhibition-making in terms of materials and discourses, founded by the artist Tatjana Macić.

The aim is to engage within a broader art community to improve, inspire and envision more sustainable processes of the production of art.

Climate change, child labour, waste economy, global migration and commodification of art production- are the urgent topics and the reality art world is facing every day while producing exhibitions. Exhibitions follow each other up in a certain fashion and succession, producing thereby exhibition displays and offering temporary focus. When an exhibition is over it is built down, and it is time for a reset. After a few days, a new exhibition emerges. The cycle is repeated. However, the urgency of sustainability and the nature of contemporary critical artistic practices expect more durable solutions.

Lefotvers initiative
We aim to raise awareness about the necessary sustainability of exhibition-making by organising exhibitions, workshops and public programme. From this, we will will create a manual for sustainable exhibition-making in the form of a (digital)publication, which will serve as an inspiration and guide for artists, art institutions, curators and art academies.
This initiative welcomes collaborations and is open to flexible solutions and contributions.

_questions we raise
How ecologically aware is the art world in the age of climate change? What is left over? What lingers? How can artistic, curatorial and institutional practices ensure fair, circular ecology and longevity in terms of processes and displays of exhibition-making? How sustainable are the materials we use to make exhibitions? What do we throw away? What tools do we need to become more aware and to be more sustainable?

LEFTOVERS initiative
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