The Culmination Of Abjection     

The Culmination Of Abjection

The Culmination of Abjection, is a construct comprising of a soundscape, images, objects, performative texts and walks in and around Tatjana’s studio. The studio is situated in the Lely, a former school complex, which was subsequently used by the Dutch government as a temporary housing facility for the asylum seekers. Currently, the buildings houses studios and living and working spaces for artists, designers and art organisations.

Some parts of the contstruct are:
Soundscape: 'Gusts, Questions', from an untitled and unscreened short video, which questions the notion of experiencing, seeing and understanding.
Image (here above): 'The theory of multiplicity, close to where a homeless man lives', photograph, dimensions variable, Amsterdam, 2019.

The Culmination of Abjection, is shown at 'Undocumented events and object permanence'- an online exhibition series thematizing documentation, conservation, (false) memory, (art) object, phenomenology, and blockchain certification. 'Undocumented events and object permanence' is organised in 2019-2020, by Noemata a productionsite for netbased art.

Excerpt from the exhibition text Undocumented events and object permanence: The collections are notarized and certified on the bitcoin blockchain each with the hash key of the zip of the collection embedded in the transaction. It means there's a public stamp referring to it, a proof-of-existence, since the hash-key is unique. So, the undocumented events and objects of the collection are then nonetheless proven to exist, which was partly the point, to assert an existence of the otherwise non-documented and non-documentable. In various degrees the works reflect this. In other words, blockchain is used as an archive, museum or a similar function for conservation of works, but without containing or revealing them - its only function is to certify their existence when asked.

Priest: Although it is midnight I see the form of a man, a faint form, in the light there. If you are spirit, who are you?
Spirit: I am the ghost of Tsunemasa. Your service has brought me.
Priest: Is it the ghost of Tsunemasa? I perceive no form, but a voice from a recording.
Spirit: It is the faint sound alone that remains.
Priest: O! But I saw the form, really.
Spirit: It is there if you see it.
-- Tsunemasa Noh play

Note the spirit's uncertainty as to his own success in appearing. The priest wonders if he really saw anything. The spirit affirms that 'The body was there if you saw it.'